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MegaPack® High Speed Doors

BMP Doors USA creates and distributes exterior or interior high-quality, MegaPack® High Speed Doors that are quick folding doors for very large openings, resistant to wind.

The MegaPack® High Speed Door is a fold-up door designed to close off huge outside door openings. This door is a technological evolution in its sort. A double curtain and a sophisticated galvanized reticular structure, make this door safe, fast and able to withstand strong winds while reliably operating. A well thought design saves on valuable floor space and offers energy efficiency and low maintenance.

A MegaPack® fold-up high performance door is the perfect solution for closing off large areas in your facility, for large hangars and for environments with overhead cranes.

Presence Sensor

Presence Sensor

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Max Opening Speed


Pull Cord


Remote Control


Lock Operation


Features & Benefits:

  • Double PVC curtain
  • Wind and pressure resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast and safe operation
  • Energy efficient

MegaPack® High Speed Door Benefits

The MegaPack® High Speed Door is perfect for quick folding doors that have very large openings, and resistant to wind..

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BMP Doors USA; the very best in high-performance high-speed doors.

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