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DynamicRoll® Frigo 2 High Speed Doors

BMP Doors USA creates and distributes exterior or interior high-quality, DynamicRoll® Frigo 2 High Speed Doors in optionable colors, frame & coating options, with different dimensions available.

DynamicRoll® Frigo 2 High Speed Door is a high-performance door designed and fitted to separate environments with very high thermal condition differences. The door is equipped with our intelligent roll-up curtain door. Two separate curtains create jointly an insulated air space in closed position.

High-speed operation and an intelligent door curtain optimize insulation, reducing ice build-up on the curtain. The DynamicRoll® Frigo 2 High Speed Door automatically returns to its closed position, forming a tight, almost perfect full perimeter seal around the door.

Presence Sensor

Presence Sensor

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Max Opening Speed


Pull Cord


Remote Control


Lock Operation


Features & Benefits:

  • Fast opening
  • High opening and closing speed
  • Safe operation
  • No stiffeners or hard parts in door panel
  • Self-re-inserting
  • Maintenance is limited to a minimum
  • Easy to install – auto-reset
  • Energy efficient environment control
  • Superior seal around the full perimeter of the door
  • Insulated door panel
  • Self-lubricating
  • Full perimeter sealing
  • Intelligent door panel

DynamicRoll® Frigo 2 Door Benefits

The DynamicRoll® Frigo 2 High Speed Door is specially designed for preventing ice formation and is therefore a good addition to your freezer room.

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