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BMP Doors Solutions

BMP produces indoor and outdoor high-speed doors.

BMP Doors Technology

Building a higher standard door using superior engineering.

BMP Doors Innovation

BMP USA creates high-speed doors for all industrial applications.

High Speed Doors

BMP produces indoor and outdoor high-quality, high-speed doors in optional functionality, colors, and materials.

BMP’s high-quality, high-speed doors add significant value to your facility. We guarantee a high-efficiency working door, higher safety for people and products, and a comfortable working environment for your staff.

BMP lifts high-speed door technology to a higher level by using proven concepts and adding superior knowledge and engineering, making our doors faster, less noisy, and more reliable, setting a high standard in high-speed door requirements. Create fully equipped indoor and outdoor doors with color and material tailored to your needs. We make your door needs work!

BMP doors come standard with multiple safety sensors limiting the risk of a door impact within any business. Eliminating stiffeners and rigid parts in the door panel reduce the risk of injuring workers or damaging equipment upon an accidental hit. The tight perimeter seal formed after the fast closing of the door stands for environmental control and energy savings. While weather elements such as cold, moisture, and draft are prohibited, employee comfort is enhanced. Creating a healthier work environment adds to employee satisfaction, reducing absence due to illness.

High Speed Doors Applications

Browse our wide range of high-speed doors for all industries and professional applications.


Industrial and Manufacturing

In the industry and manufacturing field, automotive is one of the most fast paced around. Besides its specific production process, also the facility equipment is of the utmost importance. BMP high-speed doors are tailored to fit this need.

Food & Cold Storage

Keeping your goods and products cold and at the same time easily accessible is a huge challenge that very often comes at a high cost. BMP doors keep cold air inside your cool area and prevent warm air from infiltrating this conditioned section.

Pharmaceutical and Cleanroom

Pharmaceutical plants are high technological places where hygiene and cleanliness are taken to the highest level. At a time where compliance and safety regulations constantly intensify, BMP cleanroom doors are engineered to fulfill this important task.


In the world of logistics and distribution, speed is the keyword. Being able to handle goods in a fast, quiet, and safe way is a constant focus. BMP high-speed doors are fast, safe and reliable, and optimize traffic flow in your facility.


In the industry field, automotive is one of the most fast paced around. Besides its specific production process, also the facility equipment is of the utmost importance. BMP high-speed doors are tailored to fit this needand built to fit your requirements.

Transportation and Municipalities (Police, Fire)

Weather conditions are unpredictable but they certainly have an influence on your production environment. Creating a comfortable and safe working area increases overall productivity and work ethic. Installing a BMP door helps turning your inside climate into a controlled space.

Heavy Industries, Aerospace, Shipyard

Robust industries require robust solutions. When it comes to doors sealing large openings, performance and reliability are essential. BMP doors are built to operate in harsh conditions, withstanding forceful winds and pressure differences.


Making your store a comfortable environment for customers contributes to their shopping experience. Installing a BMP High-speed door helps you achieve this goal. Fast opening and closing combined with a perimeter seal around the door assures this requirement

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BMP High Speed Doors; the very best in high-performance high-speed doors.


BMP USA offers a wide range of high-performance doors for industrial and commercial applications.

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