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Food & Cold Storage High Speed Doors

BMP Doors USA distributes exterior or interior high-quality, food & cold storage high speed doors in optional colors and materials.

Keeping your goods cold and at the same time easily accessible is a huge challenge that very often comes at a high cost. Installing BMP High Speed Doors may help you lessen this burden. With an active perimeter seal around the whole door, BMP Doors USA creates high performance doors that keep cold air inside your cool area and prevent warm air from infiltrating this conditioned section. Fast and reliable door action creates a climate controlled area which reduces loss of energy, thus reducing energy cost and minimizing spoiled products.

Depending on your needs, an insulated curtain can be installed. A highly intelligent anti-frost system prevents ice built-up on the door panel and side guides.


High Speed Doors Applications

Browse our wide range of high-speed doors for all food & cold storage applications.

  • Optimized production flow
  • High opening and closing speed
  • Avoid production down-time
  • Self-reinserting door curtain
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Wear and maintenance are limited to a minimum
  • Safe for personnel and equipment
  • Flexible curtain without rigid elements avoids injuries and damages
  • Protects against bad weather
  • Superior seal around the full perimeter of the door
  • Reliable and wind resistant
  • Designed to operate 24h/7 in extreme conditions and violent winds

Food & Cold Storage Door Solutions

Browse our wide range of food & cold storage high speed doors for all applications.


DynamicRoll® High Speed Doors

Self-reinserting high-speed door with a flexible bottom edge and variable speed frequency drive.

DynamicRoll® B-Drive High Speed Doors

Outside door designed to operate in harsh conditions for large door openings exposed to high wind.

DynamicRoll® Food Stainless High Speed Doors

Designed for the food industry, this high-speed door is compliant with its industry hygiene standards.

DynamicRoll® Food PE High Speed Doors

Food industry design with a focus on hygiene, made of polyethylene, resistant to aggressive cleaning agents.

DynamicRoll® Frigo 1 High Speed Doors

Self-reinserting door, developed for a good and efficient closure of cold stores with freezing temperatures.

DynamicRoll® Frigo 2 High Speed Doors

Ideal door for the outer shell of your freezer room with excellent insulation preventing freezer ice formation.

DynamicRoll® Frigo 2 Air High Speed Doors

Specially designed for freezer rooms with an air curtain incorporated into the door pillars to reduce airflow.

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