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DynamicRoll® CB 230 High Speed Doors

BMP Doors USA creates and distributes the interior high-quality, DynamicRoll® CB 230 high-speed doors in optionable colors, frame & coating options, with different dimensions available.

The DynamicRoll® CB 230 is a highly reliable high-speed door intended to keeping your cleanroom clean. Its fast speed and tight full perimeter seal keep your over pressured environment sterile, allowing the ventilation and air purification systems to operate correctly.

This door operates flawless in interlock systems with multiple DynamicRoll® CB 230 High Speed Doors. No stiffeners or hard parts are used in the door panel. An escape function is standardly built in. The door seals the floor with a soft bottom edge.


Food & beverage industry

Environments requiring air pressure control

Presence Sensor

Presence Sensor

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Max Opening Speed


Pull Cord


Remote Control


Lock Operation


Features & Benefits:

  • Interlock feature
  • Fast opening
  • High opening and closing speed
  • Safe operation
  • No stiffeners or hard parts in door panel
  • Self-re-inserting
  • Maintenance is limited to a minimum
  • Easy to install – auto-reset
  • Energy efficient
  • Superior seal around the full perimeter of the door
  • Wind and pressure resistant
  • Designed to operate 24h/7 in extreme conditions and violent winds
  • Self-lubricating
  • Full perimeter sealing

DynamicRoll® CB 230 Door Benefits

The DynamicRoll® CB 230 High Speed Door is the ideal high performance door with escape function for cleanrooms.

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